Official website of Australian author Brentley Frazer . Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction.

Official website of Australian author Brentley Frazer. Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction.

Tribuna Magazine

Described by Dazed & Confused as a ‘21st century Baudelaire on acid’ Brentley’s unconventionality, radicalism, aggression,
schizophrenia, non-adaptability and sublimity with hallucinogenic scenes and pornographic moments, a bizarre mix of elements
of neo-symbolism and post-romanticism, wrapped in a form of hypertext prose, finds itself somewhere at the intersection
of Burroughs, Breton, Rimbaud, Salinger and Ian Curtis.

Good Reading

This is Generation X writing -- excessive, angry, anarchic and revealing.

Dirty realism at its dirtiest